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Every lawn has a story. We understand the unique makeup and challenges your lawn faces year-round - from the type of grass you have to the weeds, insects, and diseases that could threaten it to the effects of the changing seasons.

Our expertise allows us to put together the right plan to keep your lawn healthy and ensure the safety of those passing through by choosing the best quality products for the job.

VP programs for every season

  • Weekly & Biweekly lawn maintenance: Includes mowing and string trimming to ensure grass along the edges of beds, fences, walkways and walls are the appropriate height. All hard surfaces, such as driveways, walkways, and patios, will be blown off as needed.

  • Shrub trimming and ornamental tree pruning: Maintaining the most appropriate size and shape of your plants is not only great for their appearance, but also their health.

  • Mulching and seasonal maintenance of beds: High-quality mulch will give your property a clean, crisp look that accents your flowers, shrubs and other plantings.

  • Seasonal cleanups: Spring and Fall cleanups prevent dead leaves, debris, and organic matter from smothering your grass, creating a barrier between it and necessities such as water, oxygen, and other crucial nutrients your grass needs to grow healthy and strong.

  • Dethatching, aerating, & overseeding: To get high germination rates when overseeding, not only is it important to water the seeds, but to also ensure the seeds and soil have good contact. This is best achieved through dethatching and aerating. Dethatching removes the barrier of dead plant material while aerating creates small perforations in the soil allowing vital nutrients, water, sunlight and oxygen to readily reach the seeds and root system of your lawn for vigorous germination, growth and repair.

  • Fertilization with weed, grub, and surface insect control 

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